Steps to building custom service application

Development tasks

create service application
create service application endpoint(WCF)
create service application installers
create service application proxy
create service application proxy installers
create service application consumers

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Steps to Configure BCS in sharepoint2010

1. Configure the site in sharepoint designer2010
2. select external content type from site objects
3. press add connection button and set up the external data source and select whatever the operation types which related to the datatable
4. press save button to upload content to the sharepoint server
5. from the site select external list under the list collection

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Backup & Restore site collection

Backup & Restore site collection

Backup ->
Can use -> Perform a site collection backup under Granular Backup or SharePoint 2010 management shell

Restore ->
SharePoint2010 management shell Only.

restore-spsite -identity "http://win-b9m88cn17s2" -path "C:\_backUPs\siteCollection.bak" -force

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Choosing a binding in wcf service...

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