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The Common Language Runtime

The CLR is a runtime execution engine of .NET that provides an environment to execute programs that are targeted at the .NET platform. It provides memory allocation, security, code verification, type verification, exception handling and garbage collection in the managed environment.

Strong Name

A Strong Name is a unique identifier given to an assembly using cryptography and a digital signature that is used to identify a particular assembly. An assembly is provided a strong name using the utility called sn.exe.

A strong name consists of the following.

· Name of the Assembly

· Digital Signature

· Version Number

· Culture Information

Global Assembly Cache

The Global Assembly Cache is a system wide storage of shared assemblies. Assemblies can be stored or moved to and from the Global Assembly Cache using a tool called GacUtil.

Satellite Assembly

When you wish to localize the application, it can be written in culture-neutral code and can distribute the localized modules in separate assemblies called satellite assemblies.

Assembly Manifest

The Assembly Manifest contains the information about an assembly. This includes the version number of the assembly, the list of the files that comprise the assembly, etc. An assembly manifest is contained in the dll file or the exe file itself.


Caching is a feature that stores the data in the memory for serving the incoming requests from the memory itself. Caching in ASP.NET can be of three types.

· Page Output Caching

· Page Fragment Caching

· Data Caching

Session State

A session is the period of a connection between a server and a client. The Session State allows storage of objects in a user’s session. A session can be stored in one of the following ways.

· InProc

· State Server

· SQL Server


Remoting allows two processes, a Server and a Client, to inter-communicate in the same system, the same network or across networks. In Remoting, a server and client communicate using a Channel.

Biztalk Server

This is a set of Microsoft Server Applications that allow integration, automation and management of different server applications.

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