Globalization vs Localization

What is Globalization?

1. Globalization is process of identifying all the localizable resources in the application, that will support multiple cultures. Ideally it is perform during design phase of an application, so that the resources always remains separate from the code.
2. The process of creating an application that meets the needs of users from multiple cultures.
3. The process of developing a program core whose features and code design are not solely based on a single language or locale.
What is Localization?
1. In Localization you customize the application for new locales. This consist of translating resources that you identified during the globalization phase.
2. The process of accommodating cultural differences within an application.
3. The process of adapting a program for a specific local market.
4. Localized applications can support multiple languages, currencies, writing direction, and calendars based on the cultures that they support.
Difference between Localization and Globalization?
1. You can visualize globalization as more of architecture decisions. While localization is adapting your content to local market. Localization phase occurs before globalization phase.
2. Globalization is process of identifying how many resources needs to be localized to adopt a multiple culture support, while Localization is actual process of translating resource to a specific culture.

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