Satelite assemblies

1. Explain Satellite assemblies
Satellite assemblies, are assembly files (.dll) that contain localized resources for an application. Each satellite assembly file contains the resources for one culture. An application can have many satellite assemblies, depending on how many cultures the application supports.
2. What is the different between <%# %> and <%= %>?
The <%# %> is used for databinding where as <%= %> is used to output the result of an expression. The expression inside &tl;%# %> will be executed only when you call the page's or control's DataBind method. The expression inside <%= %> will be executed and displayed as and when it appears in the page.
3. Difference between AutoEventWireUp=true and AutoEventWireUp=false
Autoevenwireup=true means whenevery your page is loaded all the events are automaticcllay called. if false, cant'
4. Why do some of the events on my page fire twice?
This is probably because you explicitly subscribed to the events in code and also specified the AutoEventWireUp of Page to true (it's true by default). If so, the Page_Load, for example, will be fired once for your event subscription and once because the Page subscribed it for you (by looking for a specific event handler method signature). To avoid this turn off AutoEventWireUp or remove your subscription code.

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